UF Marvel Spiderman Drink-Straight Water Bottle

Original price was: ₨480.00.Current price is: ₨384.00.


Quench your thirst like a superhero with our Spiderman-themed water bottle designed for easy drinking. This bottle is specially designed with a drink-straight spout, allowing you to hydrate quickly and conveniently.

Spiderman-inspired design: The water bottle showcases an eye-catching Spiderman graphic, capturing the essence of the iconic superhero. It’s a perfect accessory for any Spiderman enthusiast.
Drink-straight spout: The innovative design of the spout allows for effortless drinking directly from the bottle, making it convenient to stay hydrated on the go without the need for a straw or lid.
Leak-proof and durable: The bottle is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and a leak-proof seal, so you can confidently carry it in your bag without worrying about spills.

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