FASTER G2000 RGB Lighting Dual Gaming Wireless Speakers 10W



Introducing the Faster G2000 Wireless Speaker by DabbaPack, a versatile and visually captivating audio device designed to elevate your sound experience. Here are the standout features of this speaker:

.Brand: Faster
.Model No: G2000
.Bluetooth Version: Boasting the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for reliable and fast wireless connections.
.Speaker Unit: Equipped with dual 4Ω 5W speakers, ensuring rich and balanced sound output.
.Dynamic RGB Backlight: Enjoy an immersive visual experience with customizable RGB backlighting that adds a vibrant touch to your audio setup.
.Multiple Input Options: Featuring USB 2.0 and 3.5mm input interfaces, this speaker provides compatibility with a wide range of devices.
.Convenient Power Input: Operates on DC 5V/1A, allowing flexible power source options.
.Impressive Frequency Range: Covering a broad frequency range from 150Hz to 20KHz, this speaker reproduces your audio content with excellent clarity and depth.
.Ample Cable Length: With a 1.2-meter cable, you have flexibility in speaker placement.
.Durable Build: Crafted from a combination of ABS plastic and mesh, this speaker is designed to withstand daily use.
.Sleek Product Design: The speaker’s compact dimensions of 3807070mm make it suitable for any space.
.Warranty: DabbaPack provides a 1-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for your purchase.

Elevate your audio experience with the Faster G2000 Wireless Speaker, a versatile and visually captivating speaker that combines style, performance, and convenience, making it an ideal addition to your entertainment setup.


Brand : Faster
Model No : G2000
BT Version : 5.0
Speaker Unit : 4Ω 5W*2
Lights : RGB backlight
Input Interface: USB 2.0 + 3.5mm
Power Input : DC 5V/1A
Frequency : 150Hz~20KHz
Cable Length : 1.2 meter
Materials: ABS Plastic + Mesh
Product Size : 380*70*70
Warranty : 1 year

10W Room-Filling Sound: G2000 2.0 channel PC speakers with dual 5W drivers cover a full range of frequencies for stereo sound with boosted bass, bringing a fantastic dynamic audio experience. Works well with your computer without sacrificing valuable desk space.

RGB Light Modes: RGB lighting elevates gaming performance (Multi-color rhythm, Blue rhythm, Red rhythm, Multi-color gradient). Just immerse yourself in fantastic audio with vibrant LED light rhythm. Feel free to turn on/off the light or change the color mode with the touch button on top of Speaker.

Unique Detachable Design: With an innovative detachable design G2000 enables you either set the speakers apart from each other for more stereo separation when playing video games, or lay them side by side like a sound bar while listening to the music.

Effortless Dual Connectivity: Featuring advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a more stable and efficient connection. Choose your audio source conveniently by freely switching between AUX mode and Bluetooth mode.

USB-Powered Adds Convenience: G2000 powered entirely by USB and connected to your devices via a universal 3.5mm AUX-in cable. It is recommended to use a separate adapter (not included) to power the speakers to ensure the power and sound quality of the speakers.

Easy Access Volume Control: The volume controls are conveniently located at the Top of the speakers for easy and hassle-free access.

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